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We've Come a Long Way

Grace Arms is a non-profit agency which focuses on community based involvement.

We hope thru our progress to align ourselves with the grass roots needs of the people of East Contra Costa County. This will be done by fusing a myriad of programs under one umbrella to serve the people of who have the greatest needs. These programs will include staffing with those has a proven track record of success in their fields of service.


Grace Arms is a charitable organization that reaches out to our community with need based programs which will help educate, eradicate (homelessness, poverty, and dysfunction), empower, and equip the disenfranchised, the disadvantaged, and the developmentally disturbed.


Grace Arm’s resources will extend like a tree whose branches are their own entities; and have their own purpose for existing.

Our Goal with Grace Arms


To satisfy & meet the needs of the consumer. But a key component in spite of their unique individual focus, is that the services they will provide will fulfill necessary voids in our community amongst a diverse group of people with diverse needs.  To assist, provide and educate in the following areas:


Vision: These programs all meet specific needs in our community; thus helping in fulfilling our mission.


What People are Saying

My brother had taken my children to their holy eves carnival one year. He returned with magnets with the church's information printed on the magnets. I placed the magnets on my refrigerator for 4 years they stayed there others had fallen off or broken but those remained.

Black Valet Rose

 I found myself without the means to provide my family with Thanksgiving dinner... Grace Arms provided a free turkey and groceries, enough items to allow us to make 8 dishes.

My sister in Law home going Services were held there it was nice

John Foley

Lee Richards


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Tel: (925) 522-2017 Option 5| Fax: (925) 522-2021

3415 Oakley Road, Antioch, CA 94509

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